The smartest and fastest companies
know that global in-house talent is their fundamental competitive advantage

Over 1250 MNCs have GICs in India—i.e., > 50% of global capacity

k Global Capability Centers Set Up to-Date
k Skilled Professionals
k Annual Combined Revenue
k Global Unicorns Leverage GCCs

k US & Canadian MNCs

GCCs are a proven vehicle for Enterprise Transformation

If you plan to leverage IT talent in India to build core digital capabilities and operations for your company,
setting up a global capability center is a better long- term option than simply outsourcing to an IT service
provider, for the following reasons:

Our solutions optimize time-to-production and benefits realization

We offer GCCs services that span strategy creation on through set-up and operations.
Faster time to production and benefits realization.

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Research & advisory

Preparation of business case, project road map and governance structure. Decision support including financial modeling throughout the project duration. Identificaton and tracking of key sucess factors.



Assist identification and engagement of key implementation partners for facilities, IT and other physical infrastructure for build-out and running/maintenance


Human resources

Defining the GCC’s Talent strategy aligned with enterprise globalization objectives. Peer group benchmarking for C&B and bands. Support for SLT shortlisting and hiring Organization reporting structure


Regulatory & Tax

Navigating regulatory requirements including legal entity incorporation, business, tax, and HR registrations and compliances. SEZ vs STPI selection, approvals, and compliances.


Location strategy

Location strategy that dovetails with talent and finance strategy. City and site analysis Realty partner evaluation. Identification of temporary site.


Integrated PMO support

Management reporting and routines to monitor and control project execution. Track-ing of KPIs. Maintenance of risk log to timely identify and mitigate project risks. Orchestrate orderly transition.

We are insights-driven, hands-on and pragmatic in our approach, keep a steady focus on the clients
presents and evolving needs. Our goal is to build long lasting relationships based
on execution of each assignment.


Quality of consultants dedicated to project


Alignment with home-office brand and culture


Partnerships with best-of-breed specialists in eco-system


Knowledge transfer to home office execs

About Us

To be your trusted partner for setting up and evolving your India GCC

At Epic we have a singular focus – assist clients to set up and grow GCCs that deliver strategic value for the enterprise. GCCs are today proven creators of value, especially as companies embark on the path of digital transform on. However, the journey s ll requires informed and skillful navigation to attain success.

Our project team associates are highly curated practitioners with hands-on GCC lifecycle management experience.

We collaborate with ecosystem specialists in key areas – legal, accounting, Facilities, and IT infrastructure to offer a transparent, cost-effective and expertise led solution.

Epic is led by Sandeep Gupta, who has over 15 years of experience in setting up, growing and optimizing GCCs in India across several locations. Prior to founding Epic in 2015, Sandeep was a part of the SLT (2004-14) responsible for setting up and growing Bank of America’s GCCs in India including the global knowledge center in Mumbai.

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